Carmageddon has a kickstarter campaign, go and donate something please.

Why would I want to donate to this? easy, Carmageddon 1 & 2 were fantastic racing, car driving, car smashing, pedestrian mowing games. They were so good, their physics and damage models still rival that of all racing games currently available. The race courses and maps were equally awesome and bizarre, from populated cities with high rise rooftop jumps to ski resorts and industrial sites. If you can think about a great driving game with cars smashing other cars, with people to run over and stunts to perform you pretty much got the picture, but if not, here is a movie of the original game from 1997.

Now if they reach their $400,000 goal they can make a new carmageddon game with all that glorious physics based racing and smashing complete with sick filth and that is a good thing, so go on…donate.


Update: An agreement with has set up a plan to give the original carmageddon plus expansion for free at gog for anyone who donates $25 or more to the kickstarter campaign.