A few snippets of trailers of one kind or another I thought were worth seeing as a PC gamer, sadly for various reasons there doesn’t seem as much to be excited about this year. Possibly because much of the good stuff from last E3 is now available to play and anything which will probably be really exciting next E3 just isn’t ready to show yet. Still, there are some…

Neverwinter Nights MMO trailer, I’m still unsure about this game (I probably said that to last years trailer too), the D&D franchise and rule system is pretty awesome and older games have done it justice and been popular, however recent attempts to “translate” the gameplay to the console generation of gamers has been received quite coldly by many. Also, while Cryptic has a pedigree for making mmo games that have fantastic customisation, they have quite a weak record of making games people actually want to have fun in for long. A lack of content that is engaging and an attempt to nickel and dime it’s paying customers has left Cryptic with a less than popular reputation among the mmo crowd.

Planetside 2 gameplay. It’s been a while since I was interested in a first person shooter to be honest, there are certainly some good quality games out there but the genre is a little over saturated these days. Having said that, Planetside 2 is looking interesting, it’s a step closer to being part of a full-scale war, online from ground combat to vehicles and aircraft. It’s gonna be free to play which may or may not be a good thing depending on how they monetize it. However since it costs nothing to try it, there seems every opportunity to  see if it is “all that” when it releases.

Sleeping Dogs trailer, this seems to be a different take on the style of game made popular by Rockstars Grand Theft Auto and later Saints Row. Driving, shooting, criminal underworld etc. Sleeping dogs has an oriental theme and with it a martial arts and triad gang focus. My only criticism is the decision of making the protagonist you play a gang member who is an undercover cop, seems a bit of a tired cliché, you’re doing bad things but not really.  Anyway I’ve seen a few trailers for this now and it is looking quite interesting.

World Of Battleships trailer, wargaming.net having made a mint with World of Tanks and currently beta testing World of Warplanes have released a new trailer for their trilogy which is of course, naval combat. As with the previously mentioned games this will be free to play with premium paid options. It’s a different theme for a multiplayer game so I’m hoping for good things from this.

Farcry 3 gameplay, The original Farcry was a mind-blowing visual leap for first person shooters in the environment. Crysis has since been more popular but Crytek have returned to Farcry with this latest offering and once again I have to say, the environment looks pretty special.


(As with last year I’m pulling a lot of these videos from gamepsot, not because I have any affiliation with them but rather because out of all the gaming sites they have the easiest trailers to locate about the games I want to link.)