Darksiders 2 gameplay, this video isn’t especially interesting but given how much I like the first game I’m throwing it in the list anyway. Of particular note is the inventory improvements and looting slain enemies. I just hope recent problems with THQ haven’t damaged its development.

Arma 3 gameplay, actually this is a bit of a wild card. I wasn’t hugely impressed with the demo of Arma 2, it could have been my old computer but it felt a little raw and awkward to get into. However I did really enjoy the original flashpoint and after flashpoint 2 didn’t hit the spot I’m still looking for a realistic, modern military sim to rekindle those original flashpoint moments of awesomeness.

Borderlands 2 gameplay, another game where I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the original and I did. Borderlands is at its core, a first person diablo with guns. However that really doesn’t do it justice, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the gameplay although I still don’t like the comic book black outlining on everything.

Dishonored gameplay, In the last few months this has just appeared on my radar of games I’m excited about, seemingly from nowhere. Watching this gameplay demo it looks like this is everything I wanted it to be, please be good, please be good, please be good!

Skyrim – Dawnguard DLC, Become a vampire lord or a vampire hunter, additional campaign story, spooky horse, additional werewolf skills, crossbows, new spells, locations and ooh…lot’s of other cool sounding stuff. Given Skyrim was epic and awesome and worth more money than you probably spent on it, this is a must have.

(As with last year I’m pulling a lot of these videos from gamepsot, not because I have any affiliation with them but rather because out of all the gaming sites they have the easiest trailers to locate about the games I want to link.)