Last day of E3, most games have been shown but there are still a few gems worth checking out.

Hitman Absolution gameplay, Always loved the hitman games so this was an easy sell for me, nice to see they retained multiple options on how to kill your targets. With the exception of the new vision mode, which isn’t appealing, it appears to be very similar to previous games which can only be a good thing. The ui looks less refined than blood money though, it appears this gameplay demo was on the console version so it remains to be seen if the ui stays so…everywhere, on PC.

Watch Dogs gameplay, This was a big reveal at the Ubisoft conference at the beginning of the show, it seems an interesting mix of near future tech hacking and GTA style open city gameplay. Visually it looks stunning, I’m not going to get too excited about it just yet. Ubisoft has been a company I have avoided buying games from over the last 5-6 years due to their always online DRM policy for their games. If this is another one of those, I won’t be buying it, however if they take a more sensible approach of thinking more about their customers than pirates, it might be worth a look.

Tomb Raider gameplay, some more gameplay from the new game revealed last year, still looks intriguing. Looking a little more brutal than previous tomb raider games. A change in perspective makes this new game a bit more focused on survival, rather than starting with dual pistols and all the technology you need to explore your location. I enjoyed the last few traditional tomb raider games since Crystal Dynamics took over development but this change of pace could be a good thing for the franchise.

(As with last year I’m pulling a lot of these videos from gamepsot, not because I have any affiliation with them but rather because out of all the gaming sites they have the easiest trailers to locate about the games I want to link.)