Went to see this the other night, been a while since the first two were released and poor old Tommy Lee Jones is getting on a bit. He still plays the character well but through necessities of the story he doesn’t feature as much as in the previous two movies. Josh Brolin, a guy I have liked ever since ‘No Country For Old Men’, steps in to play the younger version of Tommies character and is surprisingly good, capturing his mannerisms perfectly.

Will Smith is his usual self, funny and serious with equal style, I didn’t find the character of Boris “the animal” to be particularly memorable to be honest. Typically MiB movies have some interesting alien bad guys but this one seemed to be rather lacking aside from his little hand alien. Also the fact Emma Thompson is in this movie seems an odd one, given the amount of screen time she gets compared to her obvious talents it seems a strange decision all round. Perhaps there are plans for her to reprise the role in sequels because I felt “Agent O” could have been anybody.

The storyline is decent, the whole time travel theme could have been weak but the dialogue and pace keep the jokes coming between the action perfectly. There is some reference to racism in the time period but it’s kept mild and entertaining, it feels like the franchise never went away and I suppose that is the biggest compliment you can give it, considering there was over a decade between MiB2 and MiB3.

It’s a Good movie, worth watching if you enjoyed either of the originals.