Piranha games and Infinite Game Publishing have released details of their founders pre-order specials.

Mechwarrior Online will be an arena and conquest, campaign style multiplayer game, set in the battletech universe. Beta has been running for a few weeks now and more people are being invited regularly, however pre ordering one of these offers guarantees you early access on the 7th of august. There are also several deals on premium accounts for a number of months and premium mechs which give you bonus in-game currency for match play. These include a set amount of premium currency to invest in future micro transactions within the game.

If you played and enjoyed world of tanks, or perhaps enjoyed the concept but not the rather frustrating design of armour penetration and tiered vehicle effectiveness, you might want to check this out. Obviously if you’re a battletech/mechwarrior fan you should too.

I opted for the legendary pack….I’ve been desperate for another decent mechwarrior game since I first started online gaming when I got my 56k modem internetz, geez that was a looong time ago!