An mmo based on the recent trend of zombie survival is in development, many have argued it’s cashing in on Day Z, the hugely successful mod for Ama 2 and it’s also sailing close to the title of the in development hollywood movie “world war z”. Apparently using the letter Z for Zombie is in at the moment.

Anyway, regardless of when the guys started making this, it’s being made, in record time and beta sign-up is now open. Features that make the game unique are no quest system or narrative, pure survival based gameplay, make your own objectives, team with friends, kill enemies, no levels or skills which will set you apart from someone who has just started either. They provide official server hosting but it seems you can also rent your own servers from them with up to 250 player capacity, not sure how that will work if those people can customise the game play parameters though.

The game has a one time retail launch price and then is available to play forever, a bit like the guild wars model. There will be micro transactions but not sure what form they will take yet, I presume at some point, those micro transactions will be needed to fund server hosting since they also promise free updated content. I think it’s worth trying, if only to experience zombie survival with a less horrific ui experience ala Day Z.