Exciting news for a lot of people today, Dean Hall, creator of the survival horror mod Day Z has announced the intention of his mod to become a fully standalone product, in conjunction with the creators of Arma II, Bohemia Interactive. The games official website is here.

The current mod will continue as a mod receiving updates, but the full product is presumably taking advantage of the Arma III engine, in past interviews Dean has noted improvements he wishes to make regarding underground base building and making all buildings accessible, funnily enough, two features Arma III promises upon its release later this year that Arma II doesn’t feature.

Day Z will follow the minecraft release model, allowing players to purchase the game before it is released, for a reduced price. Players can then help test and improve it with feedback during it’s development. Upon release the price will go up as did minecraft, a clever strategy really, you get a quick influx of cash from any hardcore fans now and at release you get players still buying your product from word of mouth and review scores assuming it turns out to be good.

I have to admit to wanting to try this mod for a long time, having been watching all sorts of day Z gameplay videos and survival diaries. However I was trying to remain patient, since I was convinced this would happen, Bohemia Interactive would have been very foolish indeed to ignore a mod created on their engine which has reached a million players.