Techland have announced they are working on a new game in the Call of Juarez series, If you played the original or its sequel Bound in Blood, you’ll be familiar with the theme of a western first person shooter. Both were pretty good games in my opinion, and then they made the questionable decision to dump the western theme and take it modern with ‘The Cartel’ which everyone felt was bad, and I had no interest in buying it to find out if they were wrong.

The new game ‘Gunslinger’ seems a return to its roots, back in the wild west. There is a brief mention of “skills” to do combos….which doesn’t sound all to promising but I still have high hopes for this game. The wild west setting isn’t over saturated with games and if they can capture the feel of the first two, it’ll do well. Just a shame they seem to have dumped the indian gameplay from the original, that was a nice change of pace, involving more stealth and exploration between the cowboy preacher bits.

P.S. I’m going on holiday for a couple of weeks, (please don’t rob me) so there won’t be any updates until I get back. I’ve had a word with the industry and recommended they do nothing newsworthy while I’m gone. So see ya later!