So I am no longer not here, my holiday in Cyprus was very hot and I’m having that “omg the world discovered time travel” moment, where I see ten days worth of news I missed all at once. I suppose anybody following gaming news has already read most of this but in typical stubbornness I shall soldier on and highlight stuff I think is jolly interesting.

Dead Island Riptide cgi trailer – Those Techland folks are once again trying to capture the hearts and minds of viewers everywhere for the sequel to Dead Island, a first person zombie survival game set on a tropical island. This time I think they killed it by showing the boat exploding, right up to that moment I was a little sad and then the explosion reminded me it was all for show and ‘splosions’ = $$$. Definitely not as gripping as the original trailer for Dead Island but still, since I and many others are talking about it, I suppose its done its job.

Neverwinter Guardian – Cryptic have highlighted in rather vague terms the first of a series of class videos for their in development, Dungeons & Dragons mmo. This one talks about the guardian, typical fare really, other than some action orientated game play it’s pretty obvious stuff. Guardian is a tank, has a shield and armour and charges about bashing stuff and making it easier for the popular classes to get big damage on their enemies.

Action and D&D never seem to mix really, D&D Online did an admiral job of trying to do it but I do wonder why they keep trying to shoehorn the “action” into all D&D games. It’s almost like they want a completely different audience to the one D&D is popular for, which begs the question, as with the elder scrolls mmo, if you’re going to shy away from the mechanics that make the names popular, why even bother using the name.

Bioware founders exit after a less than epic performance by mmo SWTOR, Bioware founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have announced their retirement from EA Bioware and possibly the gaming industry entirely. Famous for Mass Effect, The Old Republic and Dragon Age series, these guys have been heralded as the messiah’s of video game story telling for a while.

More recently however games like Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3 and the aforementioned SWTOR mmo have been met with criticism and apathy from fans. A sign of a jaded developer or of EA pressure, I’ll leave you to decide. In any case, their retirement packages from EA probably include some sort of clause that prevents them making other games as competitors for a period of time, hence why for now at least, they appear to be taking a break.

Lastly, a kickstarter for Project Eternity was launched from dev studio Obsidian, their staff being known for just about every popular isometric rpg game made in the last decade and a few in this one too. Intending to capture the essence of those games such as Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment and Baulders Gate while shying away from the D&D license to focus all their funds on a world and mechanics created by the team.

They have some big names in rpg circles and if you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned games or even Obsidians games this looks like it will be a promising project for the future. They met their target within a few days and now are going for stretch goals with additional funding, a strong indication that a lot of people want what these guys are capable of making, Including me!