Chris Roberts, a guy famous for Wing Commander and Privateer video games has been away from the games industry making really bad movies for a decade. Now he’s back, with an impressive new trailer of his in development space combat game. All shot with in engine footage, the detail is great and relying on the muscle of the very best pc hardware currently available, it looks very promising. It’s intended to be a persistent world game where you can pilot a variety of s space vessels from fighters to cruiser type ships with the option to have gun turrets or fighters in your launch bay piloted by your friends it sounds very exciting.

Being able to walk around inside the larger vessels/stations and see your buddies out through the view ports sounds awesome too, the bad news (at least from my perspective) is that it’s first design goal is multiplayer pvp. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s fun I’ll enjoy it, but wing commander games were always more about the single player atmosphere and mood of the struggle against the foe, the actual combat was never that good on it’s own. Single player missions are planned but at a later date, suggesting more of an after thought, as is the persistent world where you can become a privateer and go off exploring the world.

Could be great, but I’m going to remain skeptical, too many multiplayer games talk big and then end up being not, and the guy has been away from the industry for a long time. Trailers nice though!