So there are these two space based sci fi games from back when games where smaller than the screenshots you take on your current games. They were known as Elite and Wing Commander. Both were great back then, both currently have Kickstarters asking the faithful/desperate for something new, for donations. Note the above image is just a cool real world space thingy, “The Sombrero Galaxy” it’s not a game screenshot but I like it so it’s here.

Star Citizen

The Star Citizen Kickstarter Page is here. . It looks very impressive and the past games where awesome single player experiences, however I won’t be donating to it. Almost entirely because this new game, while made by the creator of previous Wing Commander games, appears to be shooting for features not only that the original games never had, but he’s shooting for them first. Yes that famously engaging single player space opera is starting out as an online multi-player dog fighter. It’s also going to be free, so personally I’ll just skip giving money now and wait until something is playable in single player and appears to be resembling what I loved about the originals. Still…it does look interesting, I love the idea of being able to walk around larger ships and see out the windows to players flying around. If I wasn’t so cynical and Jaded, I might be tempted.

Elite: Dangerous

Elite Kickstarter is here, this was pitched a few days back but it wasn’t a particularly dazzling launch, lacking all but text and a huge target goal. It’s since been updated with a video from the original creator and some images, I believe they are mostly concept art but I don’t know for certain so you’ll have to judge for yourself. I never did play the original elite, I remember one of my friends had it and seemed to love it, I did get to play its sequel, Frontier; Elite 2, which was nice, although I wasn’t very good at it and lost the instruction manual somehow.  Jury is out on if I will donate to this one, as with Star Citizen I’m tempted but conflicted. I worry the online nature will again, draw focus away from the exploratory/trader nature of the originals and make it all about pvp. PvP is great and all, but not in everything all the time.

(If anybody familiar with wordpress knows how I can remove the header galaxy image from the gallery, while still keeping it as purely the header image, would be cool to know. The rest of these images are from Elite: Dangerous.)