Rockstar have released a second trailer featuring their upcoming GTA V, it’s currently only announced for consoles next year but typically all the major GTA games have been on PC and I expect this one to be as well. The presentation and variety of little hints and clues you get from these trailers are always a huge tease to fans, I personally loved the cameo of the Aston Martin DB5 lookalike, also known as the original “James Bond” car, that’s what it looked like to me anyway.

GTAV will feature in a similar although re imagined location to GTA:San Andreas, there will be three protagonists all featured within the trailer, which the player can switch between during gameplay. Apparently the world will be big, really big, bigger than the last three games combined, trust me, if you haven’t played all of them that is big. I’m not sure if that’s the greatest news to hear but its still pretty cool, sometimes the size of the world can indicate the attention to detail within it, the more spread out everything is, the larger the expanses of nothing interesting you get. Still, Rockstar have always had a talent for creating believable if somewhat seedy environments and judging by this trailer they certainly haven’t lost their touch.