Double Fine games along with Tim Schafer, are doing a vote on which games they should prototype for this years two-week “amnesia” project. You have the option of purchasing the results/donating to either the company or to charity at various degrees in a “pay what you want” for the results deal. The concept is fairly simple, the guys at Doublefine spend all year making one game, so for two weeks each year they take a break and split into teams of two people, then spend two weeks working on something they have an idea for, in this years concept you get to vote on what games you think sound best for them to work on.

Note: I imagine this stuff will be pretty raw, these aren’t finished products, they are prototypes to prove the concept is fun and if any of them prove to be really fun, they might make them into full games at some point, but that’s not what you would be giving money for.