Wow, six days since I had anything to say, time flies when you’re killing nuns. As you may have guessed I’ve been playing Hitman 5, but I’m not ready to talk about that yet. What I am going to highlight however is Maia Kickstarter, which has 45 hours to go before it is successfully funded. It’s going to be similar to Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress,  Startopia and Aliens, if you know what all of those are, you should know that’s a lot of awesome to be based on.

The reason I’m highlighting this is not because it “needs” your help, but because buying the game for £10 now is quite a bargain and all the details on the main page plus videos suggest it could very well be a great game to play. It’s your money of course but I expect when it’s done it will probably cost more to buy and then you will have missed out on all that Alpha testing goodness…we like testing unfinished games right? So much potential, so much hope! Anyways back to killing nuns….