If you know which game that question was asked in, you may be excited to know it’s getting a spiritual successor. Planescape Torment, is regarded as one of the best rpgs made in ye olde rpg days. I make no bones about it….I loved the original, the characters, the world, the story line. The combat was probably the weakest element but it didn’t really matter, you played it for everything else.

I remember getting tattoos on strips of skin, calling meteors from the sky, plucking out my eyeball, taking a cobblestone out of a zombie skull because I felt sorry for it. Feeling deeply guilty that I was more attracted to Annah than my dead ghost girlfriend who died for me and longed for my attention. Dying as a means to progress the story, not trusting the skull but liking him anyway. The brothel of slating intellectual lusts, where the prostitutes didn’t provide the normal physical pleasures. I could go on but it’s all gibberish if you never played the game, so I suggest you do, go here.

The new game is… well, actually we don’t know much about it right now. Truth be told it’s kind of seesawing between hope and disappointment for me. It won’t be using the D&D rules system, which is ok since that was probably its biggest flaw, trying to adhere to that. However it won’t be set in the world of Planescape either, that’s a big one, since that was the world of lovable zombies, floating skulls and demon planes. At this early stage I’m not sure they can overcome that but I’m hoping so.