2013 new year sparkler

So it’s another year gone, I’m older and uglier and less capable of being awesome at video games, but at least I’m starting to look good in a cardigan! I’ve also eaten too much, have too much food still to eat and have no hope of losing weight in the next 2 months….. but still, YAY New Year \o/

So far there isn’t much to talk about but I needed an excuse to bump Grumpy Cat off the top, so the new Tome Raider survival, origins game will also have some sort of terrible and rubbish multiplayer. Because that’s what we all want in a Tomb Raider game right?

The War Z has been kicked off Steam after basically lying about what it’s game contained vs what they planned for the future. Then they blamed everyone else for not knowing this, then their IP license was called into question, then they issued an apology by telling people they were doing really well regardless. I think it’s safe to say don’t buy War Z, not now, not ever. Day Z will be along soon enough, wait for that.

Elite: Dangerous has been successfully funded now, with just hours to go before it closes the donation window. Gotta admit I was very skeptical about this making it, huge promise but a very poor start to the campaign left me feeling uninterested. As with Star Citizen I avoided contributing, partly because money was limited and partly because I’m not yet convinced either of them will be as fantastic as I want them to be.

So what games am I looking forward to this year? Glad you asked!

Bioshock: Infinite, GTA V, Total War: Rome2, Arma 3, Watch Dogs and hopefully some cracking Kickstarter games I helped fund. Has to be said though, while GTA V is probably coming out this year, Rockstar are being very cagey on committing to a PC release, so that’s sort of a gamble even though it would fit with past release patterns for major GTA titles.

So that’s me done, Happy New Year Ya’ll.