So since I lost interest in SWTOR I’ve been pretty nonplussed about mmos, just seemed like they were all the same. I was mildly interested on the World Of Darkness mmo from CCP but that seems to be slow progress and could never be finished with the current climate. I had a look at Archeage about a year ago and it was all Korean focused, the English version was none existent.  However the variety of activities from building , sailing, swimming, flying, crafting, decorating, PvE, PvP and so on it was intriguing given its apparent scale.

Now typically I stay well clear of Asian mmos, they are grindy and poorly translated. It has been a while since I played a fantasy mmo though, and I am starting to get that itch for a persistent world to exist in once again. I’m not going to get too excited over this since the English version is still probably a year away at the earliest, but it has potential. There is an particular style of quality and presentation about the game which appeals, from the sound track to the huge variety of activities, it could be a winner.

The combat does look very traditional, which is a little disappointing, but given the huge scope of classes and activities, you have to expect a bit of give on where they innovate. I’ve heard rumors it’s not going to be grindy, but that is always subjective. Have a look at the website, what do you think? I think XL games could be learning a thing or two about Western appeal or maybe just gamer appeal…