So this chap has a digital copy of a gaming magazine and in it there is this big reveal of the Witcher 3, which he has decided to share information on with unwashed none subscriber masses like me. Some interesting stuff actually, the screenshot above also raises the question, who is that dude Geralt is riding with? hmm? They appear to be carrying a silver sword like a witcher…also notice they have a wisp of white hair….another witcher? some sort of ai character or coop? Also…beard!, checkout that face rug Geralt is sporting.

The third installment of this awesome rpg will be slightly more open-ended, a large world ala skyrim with horseback travel. Some changes to the magic sign system, apparently he gets his memory back and goes freelance.

The rest seems pretty similar to how past games handled monster hunting and combat, which is no bad thing, my only concern would be the inclusion of availability for “all top of the line consoles”.  That always unsettles me, developers…or publishers, tend to have a habit of making console versions first and then fluffing the pc port. With the rumors that 4th gen consoles will be using more standard pc components anyway and the fact CD Projekt Red has always been a decent developer for PC games I’ll hold faith this will be great.