T2Goblin Menace

Frozenbyte the makers of Trine and subsequently Trine 2 released a 6 level DLC a while back, I’m generally not fond of DLC purchasing but Steam was having a sale and those Valve chaps do have a habit of making attractive things look very shiny indeed. I did love Trine and Trine 2, they were a beautiful mix of platforming, puzzle solving and combat, with some impressive 2D/3D visuals and some great sound. So I was confident the DLC was definitely worth the sale price.

At first glance 6 levels didn’t seem like much, however every level is fairly lengthy and features plenty of chests, puzzles and xp bottles. The challenge of traversing the levels is still mostly fun based with a variety of strategies possible depending on what character you favor and what skills you unlock. The trickiest part is figuring out how to collect all those out-of-the-way xp bottles, some are easily acquired while others require some out of the box thinking to reach.

I managed to finish the 6 levels relatively quickly so I decided I would spend some extra time in multiplayer, this really is a great way to play the game, providing you find yourself with one or two like-minded, reasonable people. Because of the difficulty in reaching many of the xp bottles or chests in the DLC, multiplayer is especially useful for buffing your skills and working with a buddy, to reach seemingly impossible collectibles.

As with Trine and it’s sequel Trine 2, the DLC is great fun and definitely worth picking up if you already have Trine 2.