Thief 4

Thief…if you remember any of the original three games, you’ll be excited, if not, imagine Dishonored only before that was a thing, and you were not called Corvo, but rather Garret. As Garret you liked to steel things from people, and occasionally you got mixed up in stealing things for people and then you lost your eye to some weird pagan supernatural cult thing…and then there were the builders.

So what do we know about it? well it’s not going to be called Thief 4, presumably because most gamers these days have not heard of it, which is sad. It’s also going to have a rather nifty new spring-loaded bow, as featured in the talky trailer. Will it be awesome? uncertain at this time, but what I will say is I’m hopeful, the team that worked on the recently fantastic Deus Ex: Human Revolution are doing it, which speaks for itself really.

It’s due out in time for the next gen of consoles and of course the master race PC, so here’s a bunch of  new screenshots to wet your dry bits.