So in a complete random event, apparently a strategy game company I’ve never heard of, who have made well over 20 games I’ve never played, have been granted the WH40k license from Games Workshop.

Which seems to tell us several things, firstly Sega didn’t get the WH40k license after purchasing the dev studio Relic, despite getting the high fantasy Warhammer license. Secondly, presumably this means Relic can no longer make any sequels to Dawn of War or Space Marine, which sucks.

Lastly, and this makes me hugely nervous….Slitherine? It seems a less than high profile match for such a high profile IP. I  accept I’m no expert on their games, but considering I’ve been playing video games for 20 years, you’d think I may have stumbled across at least one of their games in that time. The fact I have no idea who they are could just be my ignorance…or it could be a reason why I should be worried.