BF4 (1)

So here is battlefield 4 being shown, running on the new Frostbite 3 engine. It all looks very impressive, Eurogamer said the guy in the top screenshot looks like Joey from Friends…he really does doesn’t he? Matt Le Blanc should Sue.

BF4 (2)

Colour me skeptical, not about how great the game will look or how much money EA will spend promoting it, but rather how good the interface will be, how much DLC will be released, how it’s best permanently online even in single player. EA not been looking too good what with their Sim City humiliation lately and after being truly excited for BF3 having entered the beta and discovered their retarded browser like launcher, it immediately put me off wanting to ever play it again, so I didn’t.

There is also this, rather lengthy self masturbation video to show you how great the game looks and how full of action it is. Never mind the gameplay is exactly the same as all other modern military first person shooters. There is some indication of destructible cover as seen in Bad Company games but given it’s already been done and it was muted in BF3 because of its multiplayer features/console I’m not sure how extensive it is, could just be very selective.

Sorry, I’m being overly negative, I’m sure there are many people who will just eat all this up,  I’m just getting tired of watching games play with themselves in set pieces rather than let me play them. If I wanted to watch a movie I’d go watch a move, when playing a video game I mostly want to interact in increasingly varied and interesting ways, rather than press X to see more of the movie.