The new Thief game seems to be pushing hard on the hype train since its first reveal. Here is a cinematic look into Garrets “re-imagined” world, although minus the voice talent of the guy who voiced Garret in the all of the previous games, Stephen Russell. The new voice actor Romano Orzari is ok I guess, but he doesn’t sound particularly distinct from this example, apparently they couldn’t use the original voice actor because they wanted to do motion capture at the same time. Seems like a poor excuse to me, not like recording a voice and animating a video game character have never been done separately before…in fact it’s probably been done separately almost every single time before.

I’m also a little bummed they are doing away with any occult references, I’m not throwing this new vision of a thief game under the train just yet, but they aren’t being particularly kind to the franchises roots on current evidence. Still, they did a great job with Deus Ex: Human Revolution so I remain hopeful.