Another one of those suspiciously timed “leaks” of gameplay footage has happened. This time it’s of  Blood Dragon, a sort of stand alone spin-off from Far Cry 3, you can watch it below. It looks pretty hammy, definitely has a Terminator vibe in it, from the opening scene to the background music, perhaps an indication of the level of sillyness they are shooting for…get it? “shooting for” in a fps..yeah ok, shut up.

There is also a nod toward Predator with the chopper music, not sure if that is intentional, I may just be getting nerdy or this whole thing may be an homage to Arnold Schwarzenegger movies (The good ones).

I love the over the top ridiculousness of it all, they are clearly making fun of themselves and inserting movie references whenever they can.  It’s worth noting the guy playing it swears quite a bit, there is also some swearing in the gameplay itself. So be warned if you play the videos with sound on and little ears are about.