Thomas was alone is a little indie game which was on sale on steam a while back. Anyways, I finally got around to playing it, This is what I thought.

At first glance it looks an incredibly simple platformer with some very basic visuals. That really doesn’t do the game justice though, despite its visual style it has some real depth to the gameplay, thanks to the variety of shapes having personalities. Each shape gets a name and through some very good dialogue, is written and narrated so well you start to feel something, for what are essentially very bland appearing boxes.

The more you play the game, the further through the levels you go, the more intriguing the game becomes. You realize the simple art style is actually a benefit to the gameplay rather that a lack of effort on its design aesthetic. The game gradually teaches you the abilities of each character and their motivations within the story, by the time you have become accustomed to that character you are soon on to learning how to use that character with the previous characters, creating some nice puzzle solving combinations.

Thomas was alone is not a particularly long game, despite having some 100 or so levels, I managed to finish it within a  few hours. There is some replay potential with some collectibles to find, one every few  levels, although even on my initial play through, I managed to find most of them with little effort.

About my only issue was I found one or two mid levels more challenging than the later ones. The progression of difficulty seems to  peak at mid game, where a couple of levels  force you to traverse them before a spiked wall catches and squishes you. Then towards the end they get much easier again, perhaps it was just a game I figured out early, but by the end I was doing most of the levels quite quickly, despite some of their apparent complexity.

Overall I thought this was a fun little platformer, with some interesting narration. In combination with the musical score it creates an experience that seems oddly greater than the sum of its parts. You guys should definitely check this out, I’m not sure if it has much replay value, but for its price, it’s definitely worth an experience.