AutoDuel (3)

Anybody remember Interstate 76? a fantastic car combat game from yesteryear. I suppose if you don’t remember that you definitely won’t remember Dark Future, a tabletop wargame about cars and bikes with guns, made by Games Workshop. Well anyway never mind, a developer named Pixelbionic are colaberating with David Jaffe, the creator of ‘Twisted Metal‘ a best selling console based car combat franchise in the PS1/2 era, to make a new car combat game.

Autoduel will be a PC arena style game where you drive cars to fight other players in car based duels. Customizing your vehicles with decals and paint jobs, upgrading their armor and weapons systems, improving their performance etc. All the kind of things you would want to do in an online, competitive vehicular based game. There are plans to include over twenty unique cars and three factions which you can fight for, the Scavengers, the Ratters and the Techies, presumably with some traits or individual themes of their own.

The car combat will take place across a variety of post apocalyptic terrain, including dry river beds and ruined cities. They are planning to launch a kickstarter for the project soon, since Dark Future died and Interstate 76 is old now, I need me a new car combat game to sink my teeth into. Sadly it seems to basically be following the Mechwarrior/Hawken arena PvP business model, lacking any planned single player content, but still, cars shooting cars sounds like fun times!

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