Cyanide are returning to the Games Workshop IP a second time with Blood Bowl 2, promising more betterer and biggest stuff that is larger than the original. Hopefully this will include a little more polish to the game, while Blood Bowl was a decent translation of the tabletop game that is really all it was and never really took advantage of it’s video game platform.

The single player campaign was still focused on balancing the gameplay around team expenses. This is a good balance mechanic in a multiplayer or tabletop focus, where your opponent is another human. However for single player, what you really want are less mechanics to make it “restrictively fair” and more an ability to grow your players and team, without being forced to sell all of your most experienced players purely to balance the books, despite winning everything with them.

Given the ai teams cheated with team management anyway, the single player campaign always felt a little sterile to me. Here’s hoping Cyanide can deliver a better experience with the sequel.