Here we go…E3 has kicked off with some presentations by the big boys. Microsoft and XBox One looked pretty unattractive with their ‘always watching you’, ‘always needed to check in online daily’ and ‘no you can’t do what you want with the games you buy’ restrictions. Meanwhile Sony came along with the PS4 and pretty much convinced everyone to buy their machine by telling us it didn’t have any of those restrictions.

Electronic Arts and Ubisoft also had some stuff to show, I picked some interesting bits you might have missed…or want to watch again, take a look below why dontcha?

Mirrors Edge 2 – Definitely a game to get excited about, a first person free running game where you leap from roof top to rooftop in a visual orgasm of high definition color coded terrain. I loved the original and consider it one of the massively underated games of the last generation, it really didn’t recieve the attention it deserved. Let’s hope the sequel builds upon what was great about the original, while skipping the gun play.

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition – unsure about this, first one was great, second one was so consolized it ruined it and was widely panned by everyone. Nice to see Morrigan resurface, she was a great character in the original game and voiced by Claudia Black, a particularly fine voice talent imho.

Titanfall – The first game from the Ex creators of Call of Duty, after they left Activision to work with EA in a rather ugly legal battle. Suspicious use of the term “Titan”, I always thought Games Workshop had that term copyrighted when referring to giant walking war machines. However it does look pretty cool, a sort of mix between first person shooter and mechwarrior leaves me intrigued to see more.

Battlefield 4 – Ok I admit, I wasn’t too kind or impressed on the first by the numbers footage from this a while back. This footage however, does have some notable interest. Especially the destructible environment and falling tower block toward the end. This would add some real tactical flexibility to the combat environments, assuming every match doesn’t always result in everything being destroyed routinely.

Mad Max – Just a bit of CGI here but it is a bit of a surprise, made by the folks who did Just Cause 2, it promises an open world wasteland to drive your unfeasably thirsty, nitro infused, V8 muscle car around in. I imagine this is being set to tie in with the remake of Mad Max the movie I keep reading about. Movie tie ins, not usually something to get excited about, we’ll have to wait and see how this fares.

Watchdogs – The game that stole the show last year, with it’s unexpected big reveal. Returns again this year, promising yet more from it’s concept. Open world GTA like environment, with the ability to hack into all technology to manipulate the environment. Such as road bollards, traffic lights and surveillance cameras. It promises much, let’s hope it’s as good as it looks.

Star Wars Battlefront – This was another unexpected move, just a teaser here but still, not a game anybody was expecting to hear about with it being seemingly retired many years ago. No news yet if it will be on PC, however with the new console generation essentially being PC architecture, I’m convinced it will be.

The Division – Another uncertain new title, might be on PC, maybe not. It’s a sort of open world mmo set in the post apocalyptic environment of a snow/blizzard covered city. Looks pretty attractive, with it’s bleak environment and future toys to play with!