Second Day of E3 is over,  as always, I’ve collected the games that most interested me as a PC gamer and through the wonders of youtube and other gaming sites, have shamelessly flaunted them here. Enjoy!

Day Z – Some new game play footage from the guys working with Dean Hall, it’s way behind on release but you can see why during this demonstration. While there are some definite improvements, there is still a lot of clunk in their code. Personally I’m happy to wait until it’s good enough, I spent a while watching other people play the mod last year and saw all the griefing and hacking that went on, so I know it’s worth the wait.

The Walking Dead, 400 Days – Just a quick promotional trailer to easily the best adult themed adventure game released in the last few years. Seems this will be the stop gap adventure while they work on a sequel.  It will be available to purchase shortly after E3 for about $5, you should be warned though, this is an expansion and requires at least episode one of the original Telltale Walking Dead game. If you haven’t played that you really should anyway.

The Elder Scrolls Online – I’m not overly keen on this, it does look quite nice, I’ll give it that. Taking the very best open world single player rpg series and making it an mmo, with almost none of the features that made the single player game so good, is a little depressing. Consider it a tradional mmo design in an Elder Scrolls world and you know what to expect. The trailer is voiced by the talents of Michael “Dumbledore” Gambon though…which is nice.

The Crew – Technically this was shown during the Ubisoft Day one presentation, but I didn’t realize it was coming to PC, so..here it is! It’s a driving game, open world, with some online co-op functionality. Race, explore, steal and customize your vehicles with the profits. Looks ok actually, might give it a try.

The Witcher 3 – Ok yeah, this made me horny. I love the dark, adult nature of the Witcher rpg games. They don’t pull punches and they don’t pretend the world is a happy place. The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt will be more open world than it’s predecessors, ride horses, row boats etc. I hope it’s as good as the others!

Thief – When I heard this was being re imagined rather than just continued, I was a little disappointed. The Thief games were a solid series and I loved their Gothic, Steam Punk setting with some good old fashioned freaky pagan magic thrown in.

This new version does look ok, not a fan of the vision mode additions but generally, yeah it wasn’t a complete flop. Steal stuff, fire/water/rope arrows, sneak about, it’s trying to imitate a great series, but somehow I still doubt it’s integrity. Did you notice how the developer in the video tries hard to tell you what is important? that worries me.