So by the third day a lot of the big reveals and hype has happened, this is typically a slower news day, however we still have some interesting stuff to look at, go take a peek why dontcha?



Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade – Whoa this came out of nowhere, After the THQ bankruptcy crash, the Warhammer 40K mmo died on it’s feet. Now suddenly this year Games Workshop has been slapping it’s IP all over the shop. There are now about five in development games based on Games Workshop IP and this will be a Massive Multiplayer Online game.

Made by Behavior Interactive, it will feature a third person view with playable Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Orks and Eldar on four opposing sides. Drive-able vehicles such as the Battle Wagon, Rhino and Predator, with proceduraly generated content, meaning you can have a different experience every time you fight.

I know what you are thinking, I thought it too, “whoa cool! wait…who are Behavior Interactive?” Well it turns out they er…aren’t notable for anything really. They made a rather bad console game named Naughty Bear and a lot of mediocre movie tie ins I have no knowledge of. They have no experience of making a massive online multiplayer game and now they have the Warhammer 40k IP. *Shrug* Make of that what you will folks…

Company Of Heroes 2 – Looking pretty chilly on the eastern front, better have some vodka comrade! I did enjoy the first Company of Heroes, it was a well made real time strategy game, although I had to wimp out and play it on Easy…me and Micro, not that hot apparently. This sequel looks equally impressive.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Some gameplay footage here, looks pretty good, staying neutral on this for now, not enough to really judge if it will live up to the previous two games, made by Rocksteady.

ARMA3 – Looking quite impressive, this hardcore military sim sequel is promising to be an experience I don’t want to miss. However as with the previous titles, you’ll have to put some effort in, to get the most out of it.

Black Guards – This was an interesting addition, a game about “bad guys”. Turn based, fantasy, combat rpg, is a rare thing these days and I do like a bit of turn based strategy from time to time. My only fear is with the team being European, they might suffer with the English context of the dialogue.

Total War: Rome 2 – ┬áI’ve already pre ordered this, so I am a bit biased about it. I thought this looked really good, the ship ramming, the chariots, giant tumbling flaming thingies and war machines lobbing firey death at the enemy. I really hope they have toned down the campaign ai cheating, that was the major frustration from Shogun 2 for me, having to face an opponent that just conjures armies from nowhere made little sense.


Lords Of the Fallen – A new fantasy action rpg being made by some Ex CD projekt folks (Witcher 2) at City Interactive. ┬áIntended to be more a mix of Dark Souls and Borderlands, not much is known about it yet, however here are some pretty screenshots anyway.