Aww everybody is sad, this is the closing day of the show. Everything is winding down and all the presenters & devs have sore throats from so much talking. Here are my choices of games worth taking a look at, for PC owners.

Deadfall Adventures – Allan Quartermain, heard of him? Well I sort of have from Sean Connery in ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentleman’ movie. This is a game set in the 1940’s about mummies, gods and temples, think Indiana Jones with more shooting and less Nazis. Seems like fun, although I really didn’t like the completely useless sidekick female, who just did nothing while tagging along as you fight for your life. Hopefully that will be fixed for release.

The Evil Within – Hmm, don’t know anything about this other than what is in this video. A horror survival game, third person, with some rather gory ways to die horribly.

PayDay 2 – Looking pretty fun, the sequel to a game I have to admit I’ve never even seen being played. A coop bank robbing simulator, I can’t be certain but it looks like it’s in the source engine (Left 4 Dead).

Dying Light – Made from the guys who did Dead Island, this Parkour inspired zombie survival game will be set in an open world, with day/night cycles and 4 player coop. I guess they are hoping to capture that Mirrors edge free running feel, I find it hard to grasp how someone capable of jumping rooftops might be in danger from traditional shambling zombies, so they must have some rather intelligent super zombies.

Mag Runner: Dark Pulse – A strong Portal vibe is evident in this, a first person puzzle and platform game, where you use magnetic forces to attract or repel objects together with a (I’m guessing) pulse gun.

Take On Mars – From a small team at Bohemia Interactive, a game about the Mars Rover mission “Curiosity”. Taking a 4x4km section of the actual landscape on Mars, these guys have recreated the landing and given you control of the Rover. Allowing you to explore the surface, use the rovers scientific arsenal of tools and discover what the actual rover might be doing. I think this is pretty awesome, I don’t know how much fun can be had with it, but for a budget price and the extensive talents of PC modders, I expect this has a good future.

Murdered: Soul Suspect – An intriguing supernatural game, about a murdered man who investigates his own murder, as a ghost. This looks really interesting, the investigation mechanics and possession ability look like they could add some real depth to the story.

Finally some new Witcher 3 screenshots, which are just gravy…