On the second day of the PC and Indie games show Rezzed, we have a demo play of an upcoming mmo I’m keen to try out. Wildstar, I’m undecided on how interested in this I want to be, the ability to choose a career which isn’t mass murderer seems appealing, the housing also looks pretty fun. I don’t know how I feel about the constant dodging and moving during combat though, it seems a little too twitchy for the kind of game I want to be playing for many hours at a time.

This preview of Day Z shows more of their progress on the game, with the medical depth being expanded it is starting to sound very complex. I’m not sure I agree with the hope that with added complexity of that feature, it will encourage players to not shoot each other on sight. Instead opting to trade…it’s easy enough to loot a corpse after it’s dead, why risk being the corpse by not shooting first?