Having loved Dishonored I was excited at the thought of returning to the world, with some new single player missions in this dlc. Part one of two dlc mission packs, telling the story of the master assassin Daud, who you encounter in the original game. So…. what did I think?

Knife of Dunwall came out a few months back, it is the first of two parts (I believe the second part will be called The Brigamore Witches) telling the story of Daud, the master assassin, who carries out the murder of the Empress in the original game and the kidnapping of her daughter. The games opening scenes show this taking place, and then the narration indicates Daud feeling remorse at the murder, that’s about as deep into it as this dlc gets unfortunately.

As the story character Daud is rather shallow, you don’t really spend much time understanding his conflict with the murder, he kills people for a living, why is this any different? However he has a female lieutenant named Billie Lurk, while we don’t learn much more about her, she is reasonably interesting in the nature of their relationship, or rather the hints of it.

Two of the three missions appear to be individually crafted levels with some unique new content, which are a match for any of the missions in the original game, perhaps even better. The third and final mission is a copy paste of Dauds hideout in the flooded district. I was a little disappointed with that, the enemies and their placement were new but that was about it really, if you played the original game you were familiar with the map layout.

Most of the abilities you get are copies of Corvos abilities but they also have some refinements, for example the blink teleport move now pauses time when you hold the mouse button down, giving it an added feature. You can also cancel the blink and just buy yourself some situational awareness while time is paused. The mines are a fun addition too, I didn’t really try the choke powder much but it seemed useful.

There is a summon assassin ability which I played with once or twice, although it felt a little lacking in application. I’m not a big fan of watching the AI do my job for me and beyond that I didn’t really see the value in using it. It was usually more efficient to blink to the target and take them out yourself rather than summon the assassin to do that for you.

Perhaps I am being harsh, three levels doesn’t seem like much to me, especially when one is reused. However the first two levels did look like they were lovingly created and no doubt had the vast majority of the time and development budget spent on them. In a time when most of the dlc content is multiplayer only, this stands out as a decent attempt at catering to the much scorned single player enthusiast, for that alone it deserves some credit.

If you can get it in a sale, this is definitely worth the purchase if you enjoyed Dishonored. While the character Daud isn’t that engaging (yet, part two still to come), the initial two levels are interesting and offer scope for replay, with alternate  skills and morality.