With the worlds biggest gaming show  about to open to the public in Cologne: Germany, many publishers and developers are showing off trailers, teasers and screenshots of their upcoming games. Over the next few days if I see something interesting or exciting to me I’ll make a post and shove it here. So without further ado…here is the first days stuff.

First up is a Lords of the Fallen cinematic, featuring a big dude with hammer who never actually swings it. A game being made by City Interactive…yeah, that famously well known rpg video game maker…They do have Tomasz Gop though, the senior producer who worked on the Witcher 2.

Another Batman Origins Trailer, still not really convinced this will be a match for Rocksteady’s previous two showings. I guess that’s a heavy cross to bare, time will tell, but some actual gameplay footage from a playable demo would help!

XCOM: Enemy Within, an expansion for the widely appreciated XCOM: Enemy Unknown released last year. The expansion will feature some genetic enhancements for your soldiers, some new exoskeleton armor upgrades and new alien types, first of which is something named the “mechtoid”.

EvE: Valkyrie, another spin off game from the stoically popular fan favorite mmo EvE Online. Rumor has it the little “VR” hint in the title sequence could point to the Occulus Rift support and its “Virtual Reality” headset.

Sims 4, lot of people like this series, have to admit it hasn’t grabbed my attention since the initial offering. However, watching this trailer, I really liked the more tactile look to the character creator and building tools.

The Division, was first shown at E3 2013 and is a post ice age survival shooter mmo set in the near future. Apparently the fan reaction that this wasn’t on pc and the various petitions asking for it have paid off. The cynical people might say it was probably going to happen anyway, but E3 is much more console focused so that was its target audience back then.