Second day of Gamescom today, here are some of my choosiest of choices for your perusal.

Ok, so technically this is not a game, this is a game engine promotional trailer. A version of CryEngine has been used in many games in the past, however they have shifted how they title it now for this new version. Doesn’t mean much of anything to me really but the rain and wind swept street at the end was awesome!

Fear Online, seems a strange title to be getting an online only multiplayer game. I can’t think of a single scary multiplayer game, usually no matter how hard the devs try, watching another player bunny hop about while spinning in a circle during a “scary” bit just kills it. Still, as I know very little about it, trailers nice eh?

Titanfall, when this was first revealed I was excited, then I discovered it was multiplayer only and was disappointed. However, I have to say, despite it aiming for the “dudebro-noobshooter” crowd of Call of Duty fame, it does look quite fun. I’m still unsure how useful the actual titans are though, seems you can take them out with a single foot soldier.

The Crew, an open world driving game for lots of people at once. Actually this looks pretty cool to me, the ability to drop in and drive around the whole of the US, racing, cruising or hijacking armored cars seems fun. The fact you can do it with friends opens up all sorts of opportunity for greatness.

Wildstar, Dev speak video on crowd control and the various types and tactics players can use to break out of it. I like the control switching for the daze and the obscured view for the blind, the weapon disarm is pretty nice too. I worry about the knockdown though, it seems you just spam a key to break out of that, If my keyboard has a macro function to spam that key rapidly, I’m sure many others do too.