The third day of Gamescom from Cologne in Germany is now over (technically second if you don’t count the press only day). Most of the big guns have shown off their “cool games” now, but there are still some interesting titles and videos to see.

Age of Wonders 3, have some gameplay footage up here.  Having not played the previous two it reminds me of Heroes of Might & Magic or the Disciples games. I like a bit of turn based fantasy/strategy combat, so this may be worth checking out when it’s released.

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag showing a “Stealth” trailer, which is odd because it mostly seems to be very un-stealthy as it progresses. Music is a bit weird too, still it looks very piratey and Caribbean, I feel this is on the same seesaw as Batman: Arkham Origins, both could easily be good, but they also have huge potential to suck bad.

An interview with the creator of Dark Souls, on his work toward completing Dark Souls 2. I have the original sitting on my steam “yet to play” list, taunting me to prove how much I suck at it. Lot of people liked it, despite it being hardcore, will be interesting to see how the sequel turns out, given they have the difficult job of trying to make the game more accessible and yet still please the fans of the original difficulty.

The team behind the very popular Chivalry medieval combat game appear to have struck a deal to make this expansion content, based on the Deadliest Warrior tv show. The art in the video looks a little bright and overly shiny for my tastes, but perhaps this is still work in progress. Chivalry…another game I’ve yet to play, Jeez…so many games.