This is worth watching, if you’re not familiar with this headset, it is the Oculous Rift. Something which could genuinely be an effective method of Virtual Reality gaming, as opposed to the crap we’ve been getting for the past twenty years. I haven’t tried it myself, and it isn’t available for general sale as yet, however they are at all the gaming shows and many developers have them to test out game ideas for when they are out.

The game is called Alone and is still in development by Greenwood Games. The premise is much like the dream within a dream concept from the movie Inception. You sit in a virtual living room, playing a video game on your virtual TV, elements from the video game on the TV can manifest within the virtual living room. I feel like this sort of immersion could be the beginning of a new way to pull players into the games they play, by removing them from the real world on two separate levels.