SteamOS has been announced by Valve, the first of three apparent announcements due this week from the PC based, digital games platform and developer. It will be a Linux based open and free operating system for use by people who may want to play games, watch movies, TV etc. Presumably it was developed in response to Microsoft’s attempt to close their Windows 8 Operating system and control who features on it.

SteamOS will network between your devices running it, allowing movie streaming from PC to TV, PC to laptop, phone etc. Valve claim several big titles  are already being developed for it in 2014, perhaps to coincide with Valve’s rumored Steam box micro console, also for the living room.

Personally I don’t get the fascination with video gaming in the living room, because if I’m in there playing video games, where does my partner go to watch TV? If you have kids playing games in the living room, where do the parents go? Seems odd to be pushing parents out of their own living rooms, it would be ironic if the parents ended up in their bedroom watching TV while the kids played video games in the living room! 

It all sounds quite promising otherwise, a free operating system that will run on tv, pc etc and probably some types of consoles yet to be released. With Microsoft fumbling about like a geriatric and Sony walking away with all the love and potential, this announcement is quite a thing.

While it isn’t specifically about the PC, I feel given the SteamOS Linux heritage, and the PC architecture which will run such a system, the future of the PC as a games platform is looking pretty sweet, they already claim significant performance increases for games run withhin it.