Happy New Year you gloriously handsome and incredibly intelligent readers of my rather modest thing here! We added plus one to that number we put on stuff to indicate the earth is still moving around the sun and now we can all look forward to the continued existence of our species, hooray! In other far more important news, below are my choice 2014 PC releases you may want to look forward to…or not, I don’t mind really.

Titanfall – May well be the only “dude bro” shooter that actually grabs my attention from the past few years, while it will no doubt feature many dudes and bros it may also feature me, for being a rather attractive and slightly innovative take on giant stompy mechs and first person gun shootiness.

South Park: Stick Of Truth – If you’re a fan of the very sweary and crude satire of South Park and you like some rpg game mixed in, you may well find this great fun. With Obsidian at the helm this could  be a fantastic rpg game with a wicked sense of humor, count me in!

Dark Souls 2 – I’m still struggling to get into the first PC port of the previous one, when I do I’ll probably do a “Wot Frosty Thinks” review. In the meantime it’s worth noting that this is a diamond in the rough, very rough, the PC port of Dark Souls was horrid, possibly the worst PC port I have ever tried to endure. The developer promises the sequel will not be a suck ass port…remains to be seen.

Dying Light – From the makers of the rather fun but clunky Dead Island, free running combined with zombie bashing and survival promise much. Techland has a reputation for not quite hitting the high notes, however their games are not utter rubbish either, so this one is an unknown.

Watch Dogs – Open world driving, hacking, fighting, shooting…there isn’t much negative to say about this yet, it just looks awesome. About the only concern is when GTA V is also being released on PC this year…and Ubisoft have already held it back to avoid competing with it on console, it makes you wonder why they had no confidence in it.

Game Of Thrones – The Telltale adventure games are both brutal, adult and well done, if a little simple. Let’s hope their already impressive story telling talent can work it’s magic on a truly epic series. (No game website yet).

Sims 4 – The next iteration of the Sims series, for me the Sims was always more fun building the houses than controlling the sims themselves. Having said that it’s been a while since I’ve checked out a Sims game and Maxis has a solid reputation if a little “milky” with expansion packs.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Third installment of the Witcher series by CD Projekt Red. It’ll be great, they always are.

Mad Max – Game about the Road Warrior from the popular wasteland themed movies. Could suck, could be awesome, no idea yet.

Valliant Hearts: The Great War – Another unknown at this time, however a really cool concept.

The Crew – A very appealing open world driving game with much promise of freedom, social gameplay opportunities and fantastic car customization. Definitely one to pay attention to, my only worry is how it is ported to PC….I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition – Lot’s of promises this will be more like the much loved original and a lot less like the much maligned and consolized sequel. Time will tell…

Hotline Miami 2 – More Top Down, drug tripping ultra violence in this sequel to a fantastic retro shooter. I loved the original and found the look and feel of the gameplay to really scratch an itch. The music was pretty cool too!

Lords Of The Fallen – It talks the talk…can it walk the walk? no idea, but this could be a very satisfying “Dark Souls” themed game.

Elite: Dangerous – I’m hopeful Mr Braben and his team can pull this Kickstarter off and deliver a great space combat experience. Those who backed the project have been pleased with the alpha demo so far. It has a far more modest budget than Star Citizen but equally has far less ambition to be all things to all people, this I feel could be it’s strongest asset.

GTA V – The console version has already proven this is great, all Rockstar can do wrong now is port it badly. That is a real danger given the early issues with GTA IV on PC, let’s hope the delay is worth it.

Pillars Of Eternity – The new name for Project Eternity, created by RPG legends at Obsidian, this homage to Baulders Gate will either deliver on the promise and solidify Obsidian as a Bioware successor or it will make me very sad indeed. I backed this and haven’t regretted it, the dev feedback and footage of the game development has been appreciated.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation – I’m hopeful for this, although to be frank for the past year they’ve treated their backers like chumps. No game footage, not even many game models. They dangle the occasional concept art while mostly talking nonsense about what they do outside of the game development. They may make a fantastic game, but I already know I wouldn’t back them on a kickstarter a second time.

Massive Chalice – Another game I backed from Kickstarter, this one I’m more enthusiastic about. The team at Double Fine have been the Polar opposite to Stainless (Carmageddon), showing game models and footage long before they are officially presentable. The feeling my support is both appreciated and respected gives me huge hope for the progress I’ve already seen. Witnessing the games development in bi weekly video live streams has been worth the donation price alone.

EvE: Valkyrie – A spin off from the popular sci fi mmo EvE, this will be a flagship game for the VR headset Occulus Rift, although you can play it on a normal screen. It’s interesting because the EvE universe is pretty cool, the Oculus Rift could be an amazing experience with it and it just looks fun. I suppose this and Elite will be the primary competitors for Space combat games this year.

Alien Isolation – Another Alien game from the popular movie franchise, this one suggests more survival horror. Not much is known about it yet but given the incredibly poor series of Alien games released in 2013, I feel at some point somebody must make a decent one. You can’t keep making crap from such a cool IP, it just isn’t possible.

Space Base DF9 – Also from Double Fine games, I’m keeping an eye on this because it’s essentially Dwarf Fortress in Space and that is quite a nice thing to imagine. Maia also promised that and I backed it, but so far it’s development progress is slow and I can’t decide how it will turn out.

Everquest Next: Landmark – Not to be confused with Everquest Next the mmo, Landmark will be more like an advanced form of Minecraft set in the new imagining of the Everquest world. I’m already a sucker supporter and hopefully will get into the alpha testing within the next few weeks.

Several other games are due out and could be great, but I’m not really paying attention to them yet, either because I don’t know anything about them or because there simply aren’t any details to get excited about. There are some other games I’m looking forward to as well, but without clear release dates they are unlikely to be out this year. Hopefully something on this list interests you and if you didn’t know about it before, you’re welcome!