Limbo, a game about escaping a hellish noir world, definitely not a game to play if you’re arachnophobic…at least not the early levels.

It’s a very pretty game, pretty in a strangely simple unyet striking way. From the moment you wake up in a dark mysterious forest, it reveals a rather sinister environment. How did you get there, why and where are you going? Somehow you never get any answers, unyet when you finish it, the conclusion is good enough that it doesn’t matter.

Mechanically Limbo is simple to understand but requires some mental acuity to solve. The puzzles are fun and navigating the environment can be challenging, but also very rewarding for such a simple control interface. Even when you die, you never lose more than a couple of seconds of progress, allowing a liberating freedom to experiment.

The sound design is awesome, it has a very strange netherworld loneliness quality to it, the strange crackle reminds me of an old record player. The story is almost nonexistant, but that just seems to drive your progress to wonder why, nothing is explained it just sort of exists and you try to deal with it.

It’s not all that long, although for the price I paid it was easily worth it, I finished it in about three hours, although I didn’t get every achievement secret and never used a guide to find a solution to a puzzle. It never feels like the puzzles are convoluted or confusing, it just challenges you to think through what you see, so for me it was never frustrating and finding each solution was satisfying.

I think Limbo is an excellent indie game, the quality of its atmosphere and cleverness of its design are well worth experiencing. You may not get much replayability out of it but for the price of this unique little game, it’s still worth it.