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Batman Arkham Knight: Screenshots

BmanAKnight (2)

Here are some rather pretty screenshots of Batman and friends in the fourth installment of the Arkham series. Arkham Knight will apparently feature a villain like Batman only more villainous, hey maybe that’s the techno Batman suit guy? Also, loving the extra chunky batmobile in the one above, I bet those tyres cost a fortune to replace.


That’s right, it’s being made as we speak, well….you read. Or maybe you didn’t….it is still being made though, regardless of how stubborn you are. Mordheim: City of the Damned is a tactical, party based fantasy combat game,  a digital version of a Games Workshop tabletop game by the same name. Create your party of Skaven, Possessed, Sisters of Sigmar, Empire Mercenaries or others and take them on battles around the Warhammer City of Mordheim.

Of particular note are that you keep your party members between battles (providing they survive!). So there are progression-like rpg mechanics for upgrading experience, looting or even losing limbs and suffering permanent penalties to individual characters. Combat is turn based strategy with a faster paced action response, perhaps like the recent XCOM remake. There will be a single player campaign but also multiplayer should you wish to go online and do battle. Being made by a start up Canadian team called Rogue Factor and published by Focus Home Interactive, it’s due out later this year.


A new trailer for the rather attractive Murder Mystery game by Square Enix. I have to say when I saw the first footage of this a couple of years ago at E3 reveals I was intrigued. I’m still not sure how to classify it…is it an adventure game? a third person horror game? I dunno but I want to play it, at least until I see the reviews anyway. It’s released at the beginning of June.

Armored Warfare

In a surprisingly “me too” way of doing things, here is the trailer reveal for an Obsidian made multiplayer based, tank combat game. So…like world of tanks then, you can register for beta here if you like, although it’s currently failing for me….also the whole “” portal to sign up just makes me feel a little dirty. is some kind of Russian mobile and PC gaming thing, might wanna use a secondary password for that folks.

Mushroom 11, dunno what happened to the other 10,  guess they sucked. Anyway this looks like fun, sorta reminds me of World of Goo or Puddle although not the same as either. A puzzle based method of growing and destroying fungus as you attempt to traverse various obstacles and ultimately get your fungus to glory…or a dark, warm, damp patch perhaps.

Satellite Reign – First Footage

Here is a little peak at the Syndicate Successor, Kickstarted last year and currently in alpha build. There are issues but it isn’t done yet, so try not to be overly picky eh internet?