So Rocksteady have finally revealed what they were working on, while WB Montreal completely screwed up the series with Arkham Origins. Details are thin and it was kinda obvious they were making another Batman game, this one seems to be set across the entirety of Gotham City, so naturally you will need the Batmobile to get around.

Personally whenever a game promises to be “bigger” I don’t really get excited, for me Arkham Asylum was the very best of the series and that was set on a tiny island. More focused, smaller environments allows for some serious depth to the content, when you have to fill an entire city, things start getting very shallow indeed. Can Rocksteady pull it off? who knows, my faith has been shaken with the cash grab Origins was, so while I know these guys have done great things and were not involved with Origins, I wonder how their publisher will mess this up…they’re already marketing for day one DLC.