That’s right, it’s being made as we speak, well….you read. Or maybe you didn’t….it is still being made though, regardless of how stubborn you are. Mordheim: City of the Damned is a tactical, party based fantasy combat game,  a digital version of a Games Workshop tabletop game by the same name. Create your party of Skaven, Possessed, Sisters of Sigmar, Empire Mercenaries or others and take them on battles around the Warhammer City of Mordheim.

Of particular note are that you keep your party members between battles (providing they survive!). So there are progression-like rpg mechanics for upgrading experience, looting or even losing limbs and suffering permanent penalties to individual characters. Combat is turn based strategy with a faster paced action response, perhaps like the recent XCOM remake. There will be a single player campaign but also multiplayer should you wish to go online and do battle. Being made by a start up Canadian team called Rogue Factor and published by Focus Home Interactive, it’s due out later this year.