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Here’s a trailer for the DLC content of the excellent horror game Outlast. Titled “Whistleblower” it features more horrifying bad people and crazies for you to crap your pants fleeing from….enjoy!

Here’s a Dragon Age Inquisition trailer along with a release date of 7th of October (US). Hmm, I feel decidedly apathetic about this one, the train wreck of consolitis that was Dragon Age 2 weighs heavily on my enthusiasm. It shows dragons and…..I think I hear the voice actor of Leliana from Origins but voicing somebody else. Other then that I’m just seeing stuff that looks like it’s in a game about stuff. Maybe that’s for the best, low expectations can leave me pleasantly surprised.

I do hope being part of an Inquisition means I can torture and burn heretics on bonfires though….it’s good to have dreams.

This is Hong Kong Massacre, it has a definite Hotline Miami feel to it, but with some really impressive style thrown in. Those dual wielding spinning shooty bits are very appealing….even If I know I ‘couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a boat’ while doing it.

No more details yet, not even a website for it, but RPS says probably later this year.

Two for one post today, first up is Hotline Miami 2, the wonderfully violent top down 2d er…slaughter simulator I guess. If you haven’t played the original you really should it’s fantastic.

Then we have The Evil Within, some kind of horror game which looks very nice…or horrible maybe. I have a love/hate relationship with horror games….I love them but I hate playing them.


Fortnite Alpha

Here is a link to an alpha sign up page for Fortnite from Epic Games. What’s that? Oh…you don’t know what Fortnite is? well it’s sort of a survival based, online, third person construction shooter thingy. Yeah…I’m not really sure either to be honest…Anyway you’ve either clicked the link or given up reading by now so I’ll stop typing.

The Crew Trailer

Looks like Ubisoft lifted a press embargo, all the news sites are talking about ‘The Crew‘ today. A driving game which features a massive open world with the ability to form “crews” of players to do missions, race, explore etc. Then you can take part in some kind of story or customize/upgrade your vehicles, that last few seconds shook my faith a little….micro-transactions in the form of digital currency. Always the first thing I wish for when buying a game, how can I spend even more money to enjoy the game I already paid for.