E3 has come again, during the first day it’s mostly presentations by the big guys, they’re long winded and full of self clapping or meaningless drivel but in between all that, occasionally they like to show off some games. Here’s my favorite game picks from those presentations, your opinions may vary of course.


Batman Arkham Knight – and his Batmobile, looks ok, particuarly like Scarecrow at the end. Amusing to see Batman getting the ok to use all those guns on his car, because the other vehicles are unmanned. I was moaning about that last week. Still scooting about Gotham will be fun, anybody else find the slidey skiddyness of the batmobile just looked wrong when it was in combat though? Seemed way too slippy for a road vehicle with mechanical traction.


GTA V – Finally announced for PC coming this Autumn……it’s about time.


FarCry 4 – I quite liked how horrible this was, although it did leave the question of who you are and what relationship you have to the big evil psycho who was welcoming you.


Assassins Creed Unity – The French Revolution never looked so good, very pretty four player coop demo, really felt the life of the city with those crowds and buildings. Pretty horrible ending though….I felt that was a little too graphic, seemed for shock value more than narrative to me.


The Division – Love the atmosphere in this game, very bleak but intriguing world. The gameplay looks interesting too.


The Witcher 3 – Hunting a Gryphon down in this very pretty open world look at the upcoming threequel and final entry in the series.


Valliant Hearts – A moving and poignant look at an interesting adventure game set during the first world war.


As always these are just a selection of personal favorites, I’ll highlight others over the next few days. The videos come from other gaming news sites and have tried to vary the sources when possible. That’s all for day one from me, hope to see some more exciting stuff tomorrow!