First day of the floor show, here’s my favorite picks for the day.


The Crew – This video shows a seamless drive from coast to coast across the whole of the games abstract US road system. I’m hopeful for this, loved seeing all the customization options for the cars last year, just need a bit more evidence of actual gameplay at this point…maybe tomorrow.


World of Speed – If the Crew doesn’t deliver, this looks quite interesting, They’re also accepting beta registration here.


Sims 4 – Latest iteration of the life simulator, liked the building tools in past games but still struggling to really be interested in the social sim aspect of the gameplay. Could this be the one to crack it?


Dragon Age: Inquisition – Some decent gameplay footage here, really highlights the dragon battles and I particularly liked the way you engage with elements of the dragon rather than simply trying to drop a hitbar. My advice, break it’s wings first, having it fly away would be annoying, gimmie dem phat lewts!


Dreadnought – Not much to go on yet, some sort of command based strategy game I think, although they mention dogfighting so unsure. Still haven’t worked out why space ships that size would bother entering the worlds sky, when they could just bombard everything from orbit or send smaller transport ships down. Am I over thinking it? probably…


Farcry 4 – A gameplay walk through here, shows some nice improvements from Farcry 3 and some beautiful terrain. Pretty excited to play this one, Farcry 3 was a major game for me and I really loved the freedom and exploration/experimentation opportunities it gave me when playing.


That’s it for my picks for the second day, hope you enjoyed something there, will be back tomorrow with some more stuff from day three!