Third day of the show, here’s my bestest bits.


HomeFront 2 – I confess I haven’t played Homefront yet, having said that, this does look interesting.


Civilization: Beyond Earth – Looking good, I loved Civ V so this is definitely on my radar for the future. Liking the idea you get to pick your colonists before starting.


Elite: Dangerous – Everything I see about this reinforces that quality feel to it. The sound design is especially notable.


Project Cars: This largely community made racing game continues to look impressive. Check out that air time!


No Man’s Sky – We saw this last year at E3, the concept of an endless procedural universe that generates a new experience for each individual user, starting on their own persistent planet with unique wildlife is pretty epic. The news that it will launch first on PS4 for an undetermined amount of time is less impressive….PC gamers care not for your petty console exclusive wars.


Alien Isolation – Could this actually be a decent Aliens game? Hmm….still can’t tell.


Third day over,  final day tomorrow, all videos above are randomly sourced from different sites where possible. Enjoy!