Soo, this is me. I made this blog for no specific reason other then to randomly record my thoughts on life, Computer Games and anything I feel like posting about in between really. Hmm what else?…

FrostPaw was the name I came up with as a callsign in Mechwarrior 2 waay back when I was on a 56k modem and Microsoft decided to make everyone sign in to their community site to find matches. Its a combination of my fascination with Wolves, Snow, Ice and the love I have of the Space Wolves Chapter of WH40k Space Marines. Incidently Mechwarrior 2 on a 56k modem was my very first online game experience too.

I first was introduced to Games Workshop worlds when I was 12 with a copy of White Dwarf a school boy brought in to read one day and it was the very first release of Space Hulk on the cover.  After talking to him and having a nosey at his magazine I went and bought my own copy and since then have been hooked on the worlds GW creates, playing 1st edition 40k and 2nd Warhammer Fantasy Battle, the original release of Space Marine Epic and Blood Bowl buying the new editions when they came out.

That was around 1989 and now I’m older and have other commitments unfortunately the tabletop hobby has fallen behind with my models mostly collecting dust half finished on the shelves behind me. I still read the novels produced by the Black Library when I can and of course I look on the website at what new sexy they are bringing out but these days my main outlet for GW worlds is their computer games.

Speaking of Computer games (See what I did there?), my past video games history includes such platforms as :-

Commodore Vic 20, Commodore 64, Amstrad 464, Amiga 1200, Snes & Finally cumulating in various PC”s to current day.

I originaly hijacked my brothers Vic 20 to play a couple of ancient games of which the names escape me, the first was a plane flying left to right across the screen above a series of high rise buildings, the objective was to press the space bar at the right time and bomb one tower section each fly by, if you did it right you leveled the map and could land successfully, if you did it wrong such as missing the tallest building, your next fly by would be a bit lower and eventually you crashed into one of the towers and had to start again…this entire game was played just pressing the space bar to drop a bomb and it was fantastic!  \o/ (me cheering). The second, which I remember less about seemed to involve a bar man sliding bottles of beer down the bar and me having to catch them before they smashed on the floor…probably pressing the space bar too. It goes without saying, the space bar on the Vic 20 was the most worn out key on the machine and I remember it listing slightly to the left where my brother insisted on smashing it down off center whenever he wanted to press it….flippin bruv!

My first PC was a 486 which I managed to convince my parents I needed and being the best people in the world they helped me pay for one while I was finishing school. I had a friend who got hold of the shareware versions of Wolfenstein and Doom and together we would play them to death. That was my introduction to PC gaming, via Dos.

Over my lifetime I have played pretty much every game genre there is to varying degrees primarily focusing early on flight sims and later on dungeon crawlers & rpg’s before now drifting from MMO to MMO between playing whatever single player games I can get my hands on.

Anyway thats enough for now.