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Since when does Batman shoot people with guns? I feel like this is overstepping the canon somehow. Also, if he needs a gun for something, surely that 60mm cannon would be more than sufficient for the streets of Gotham City. Putting guns on guns just looks silly to me, oh well….

Northern Shadow Trailer

A combined first person rpg adventure and a city building/management game set in a fantasy world. Northern Shadow alpha will be available later this year (Summer) probably on Steam I’m guessing.  Gameplay will consist of building up a city, managing that city, growing your economy and then recapturing your lost empire from the “evil dooers” who took your stuff. Sounds fantastic!


Space Hulk: Deathwing  Screenshots….I forgot this existed and now I’m all excited because they look pretty cool actually. Could this be the savior for the recent explosion of random WH40K licensed crapola Games Workshop has been shoveling about?





Thief 3

Thief 3 is rather divided on opinion, some people love it as a natural evolution of the original two games and some well….don’t. I gave away my original copy many years ago but thanks to the wonder of PC gaming, I picked up another one. So since I’ve recently replayed the first two….time to see how my opinion on the third installment has matured. View full article »

Shelter 2 Teaser

This tiny trailer, rather lacking in splosions and gore has me intrigued. It’s a teaser for a game about managing your baby Lynx cubs. I really have to feature a cat meme here just because. It has me intrigued because it’s just different, you are the mother Lynx, you name your baby Lynx cubs, hunt to feed them, protect them from danger,  keep them warm at night and watch them grow up and leave your nurturing embrace….. or die if you do a bad job. I foresee many a sad cub loss in my future.

The “2” in the title implies there is an original, which I just found here. Lynx’s sound more appealing then badgers though…

Huh…. wtf is this?

Ok so I haven’t put anything up for a while, my bad…busy business unfortunately. Then I come back and see this….thing. Warhammer 40K Chess, how? how does this exist? I don’t understand. It’s like somebody at Games Workshop is just throwing out the IP to every random developer, that has no pedigree for quality and just saying “sure go ahead, bury it“.